Congrats to our Newest Home Owner, Aisha!

Aisha came to Community Ventures in March 2009. A single mother, Aisha had accumulated some debt and decided to go back to school to begin a new career path. Between working a full-time job, attending classes, and raising her daughter, Aisha had little time and income to achieve her dream of owning a home. In February 2013, Aisha, with the help of housing specialists at Community Ventures, developed an action plan to own a home. Now, Aisha and her daughter Jayda happily reside in their 3-bedroom home, complete with new Energy Star HVAC, repaired windows, insulation, plumbing, and Energy Star appliances. These upgrades will make her home more energy efficient, significantly reduce her energy bills, and improve the comfort of her home.

Recently, Aisha’s housing counselor received a text that read, “Thanks so much, it seems so unreal, and I’m loving who I am!”

Aisha received her first mortgage through the American Dream Loan Fund, as well as a HOME loan in partnership with Kentucky Housing Corporation. Thanks to our strategic partners who helped Aisha realize her dream.

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