Iconic Drive-In Theatre Opens for 63rd Season

The Judy Drive-In Theatre is open for the season, and Montgomery County residents can watch this summer’s blockbuster films while enjoying a bit of fresh air. Since the early 1950s, many Kentucky families have watched movies at Judy Drive-In from the comfort of their cars.

While many drive-ins are closing across the country, Judy Drive-In owner Christopher Erwin has kept the theatre in operation since 1952. The theatre is a local landmark, and one of the few remaining outdoor movie theaters in the country.

A special thanks to our partners at the U.S. Small Business Administration for helping us keep this iconic theatre in operation. Judy Drive-In Theatre shows current-release films and is located 4078 Marysville Rd, Mount Sterling, Kentucky. For showtimes, you can visit their website at www.judydrivein.com.

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