Art Inc. Supports Local Artist In Pursuit of Kentucky Crafted Induction

What happens when life literally takes the legs out from under you? If you are Dawna Scripps, you wallow—for a minute—and then let inspiration take root. As an Art Inc. Kentucky member artist, with the help of Art. Inc. President Mark Johnson, Scripps was recently  juried into  the Kentucky Crafted  program. Falling under the auspices of the Kentucky Arts Council, the Kentucky Crafted program, just like Art Inc., strives to help Kentucky artists turn their passion to profit through marketing, promotional opportunities and business training.

“Mark encouraged me to apply to Kentucky Crafted. I never thought I was at that level, and the application process was overwhelming. Mark kept me focused and helped me with my bio and artist’s statement. Oh yeah…and he kept reminding me of deadlines,” Scripps laughed. “Being Kentucky Crafted, I am getting to participate in things that I couldn’t have before, and now my work is being seen by buyers and gallery owners that aren’t just local to Lexington. Bottom line—my art makes me happy. And I feel like if it makes me happy, it’ll make other people happy too!”

While working as an occupational therapist in Nashville in 1999 and playing in volleyball tournaments on weekends, Scripps suddenly found herself unable to work, couch-ridden and depressed after blowing out her knee.

“I was watching way too much TV—HGTV all night long,” remembers Scripps. “They were doing all kinds of artsy stuff on there. And I have always been creative…as a kid I loved to draw. My mom said I was born in the wrong era—I love flowers and crazy color.” And so, she began to paint. Scripps developed her own unique style, self-described as “wonky cityscapes” that play with perspective while twisting and curving buildings to showcase notable architecture in whatever city she finds herself.

When she found herself in Lexington following a divorce and re-marriage, Scripps entered a contest called ‘Paint The Town’ where her entry won the Peoples’ Choice Award and was then purchased by the Mayor. As she got serious about monetizing her creative outlet, Scripps turned to Johnson and Art Inc.  for help with the “business” of art. Johnson’s suggestions—such as making prints from her originals—helped her to make more money. Since then, she continues to experience more and more growth and new opportunities thanks to the support from Art Inc.

To learn more about opportunities for Kentucky artists, contact Mark Johnson of Art Inc. Kentucky at

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