Bardstown Man Gets New Wheelchair Ramp Thanks to Community Ventures

While our Housing company focuses most of its efforts on helping our clients get into new homes, sometimes we get the opportunity to have an impact on homeowners in other ways. A couple months ago, a representative from Kentucky Housing Corporation reached out to Myron Agnew, CV’s Director of Property Management, about Perry Banet. Banet is a 58-year-old resident of Bardstown, KY. Banet also has diabetes, and after suffering complications from an infection, lost his leg to the disease, and is now in a wheelchair. Banet has been looking for help getting a new ramp constructed for his home, along with a wheelchair accessible shower. “I had been looking for help for several years now. I had an older ramp that was falling apart, creaking and cracking every time I went down it. I’m on a limited income, and don’t have the means or ways to get a ramp built, or to get a shower installed.” Banet had tried different avenues to get help but couldn’t get anyone to respond and follow through on his request.

When Banet was in the hospital, he was connected with The Ole Home Place, a local organization that helps individuals with accessibility issues in their home. They began working on the project but needed additional funding and support with construction. KHC learned of the situation and reached out to Community Ventures to help with the funding for the project. Community Ventures used proceeds from its Rural Rehab Program partnership with KHC to pay for the remaining expenses.

Myron also worked with a local medical supply company to get the construction on track. “Myron had some guys come out, they measured everything they needed, and then he was able to get it secured and everything.” After getting the details of the project confirmed, Myron gave the okay to begin construction. Shortly thereafter, Banet finally had a brand new ramp installed. Banet says the new installation is much better, and he only has to worry about keeping the snow cleared. Banet confirms that Myron is also helping him work on getting a shower installed next. “It was a blessing to receive that ramp. Myron is a good guy, and he’ll work as hard as he can work for you to get what you need. He and this organization are a blessing.”

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