Community Ventures Launches Streamlined Website Aimed at Making Dreams a Reality For The Underserved


LEXINGTON, KY | May 11, 2023

Community Ventures is excited to debut a new, revitalized web presence aimed at turning dreamers into doers. With branding direction from Render, and brought to life by design company Kale & Flax, the site can be found at By providing aspiring home- and business owners a straight-forward, easy-to-navigate place to begin their journey, the Kentucky-based non-profit is opening the door to success in a big way.

“It’s all about making a lasting impact. When we talk about legacy, we’re often thinking about a single individual’s legacy and story, ” said Tarik Nally, Founder and Creative Principal at Kale & Flax. “While working alongside Community Ventures and Render, we aimed to develop a digital experience that allowed Community Ventures to foster community while lifting up the legacy of others across Kentucky — from entrepreneurs and developers to first-time homeowners and dreamers.”

For those pursuing the goal of homeownership, or entrepreneurs dreaming of turning an idea into a thriving business, the streamlined website makes it easy for users to find the technical, educational and financial resources they need to accomplish their goals. The enhanced layout allows website users to quickly find guidance as they click on tabs clearly marked ‘Business’ or ‘Housing’ that help them access the affordable-rate financing that completes the puzzle.

Additionally, the community revitalization efforts of Community Ventures are brought into focus on the website. Working together with community leaders and residents in urban areas like Lexington’s East End and Louisville’s Russell neighborhood, and in more rural settings like Millersburg and tornado-ravaged counties in Western Kentucky, Community Ventures is effecting positive change by bolstering entire communities.

“Community Ventures has been creating impact for Kentuckians for 40 years, so the story of their organization is complex,” said Rebecca Rice, Director of Product at Render. “Honing that message so that it speaks to Community Ventures’ clients and supporters was an absolute pleasure, especially since the Community Ventures leadership and staff is infectiously passionate about their work helping their neighbors find places to live, supporting businesses as they grow, and generally creating the conditions that allow communities to flourish.”

Under the News & Stories tab, inspiration can be found in the success stories of those now building wealth through homeownership, or small business owners launching and growing their businesses with the help of Community Ventures. Visitors to the site can click on photos and meet the people who make it all happen—putting faces with names and getting to know them through short bios. Understanding will be gained of Community Ventures’ dedication to their mission, their clients, and the revitalization of disinvested neighborhoods, as well as of disaster recovery efforts in areas of the Commonwealth recently devastated by natural disasters.

“A core mission of Community Ventures is serving the underserved. In fact, our tagline is ‘Your Dream. Our Mission,” notes Brian Hutchinson, Community Ventures’ Chief Development Officer. “This re-designed website not only makes it easy for users to navigate the site, it allows our dreamers to find programs specifically geared to the home and business ownership needs of women and ethnic minorities—groups that often find themselves un-banked and under-funded.”

For more information, contact: Brian Hutchinson