Domino’s Opens on Main with Expanded Services

This article was originally published in The Bourbon County Citizen-Advertiser by Paul Gibson. Community Ventures, in partnership with Traditional Bank and the USDA, helped finance the expansion of this local franchise.

PARIS, KY – The new location for Domino’s Pizza at 1740 So. Main, is both beautiful and with many updated services. Now the restaurant is offering sit down service with booths and tables in an expanded space. The old location, now closed, was limitedf to pickup and delivery.

Joe Williams, owner, said the new Domino’s in Paris will have many updated services that customers will enjoy.

“Our store is beautiful and designed to be customer-friendly,” Williams said. “for example, customers can order online or by phone and will know when it’s ready. They can pick it up or sit down and enjoy their order in our restaurant.”

He added that the service is especially good for people on lunch breaks because they can order in advance and then sit down in the restaurant to enjoy their order. “If they are on a 30 minute lunch break it can still work for them.”

Another updated service is a digital screen that tracks the progress of each order. According to Williams a customer can look at a screen and see when it will be ready. A step is also available for children to see pizzas being made and the process of how each order is prepared.

Williams, who owns another Domino’s in Danville, has owned the Domino franchise in Paris for over 11 years and the move is one that he has planned for some time.

“It’s a new style and concept for Domino’s,” he said. “I’ve made some changes and added some design features that improve the overall look and services we can offer,” he said. One new feature are large screen TV’s that will be very popular on special sports and other events.

Gary Ackerman, manager, said he had been working at Domino’s restaurants in other areas for some 11 years. He said that the Paris restaurant is both beautiful and functional. He looks forward to serving the customers in Paris.

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