Homebuyer Education

We created eHome America, a web-based home-buyer education program that combines online and in-person housing counseling.


This enables prospective homeowners to learn about the home buying process at a time a place that is most convenient for them.

Borrowers who receive home-buyer education are 67% more likely to stay current on the mortgages.

An educated home-buyer is a successful homeowner. Buying a home can be as overwhelming as it is exciting; the more information you have, the better you will be able to navigate the process. Our home-buyer education will help you enter into the home-buying process with your eyes wide open.

By completing a home-buyer education program, you may also qualify for special financing programs or down payment assistance that will increase the affordability of home-ownership.

eHome America

eHome America is the most comprehensive online educational course for home-buyers. It covers a wide range of information for prospective homeowners, so you’ll have the facts you need to navigate every step of the buying process. You can take this engaging and interactive course anywhere, on your schedule!

Learn more about eHome America here.