Community Ventures supports and
promotes the value of homeownership.

Are you ready to take the next steps
owning your own home?

Whether you’re a current homeowner looking to improve your property or a prospective buyer seeking assistance with purchasing a new home, we’re here to help.


We have several resources available to help welcome you home.



Rural Homeownership Program

With our Rural Homeownership Program, we simplify home-buying by purchasing, repairing, and selling homes directly, eliminating the need for buyers to secure extra loans for any repairs, if needed. We can even offer down-payment assistance to qualifying buyers. This process reduces costs and streamlines buying for first-timers, especially those needing home repairs. If you’re seeking an affordable, energy-efficient home, fill out the form below to get started:





Rural Homeownership Assistance Program

Looking to purchase a home in a rural area but need assistance with the down payment? Our Rural Homeownership Assistance Program is here to help! We provide down payment assistance to make homeownership more accessible for individuals and families in rural communities. With this program, you can receive financial support for your down payment and closing costs, making it easier to achieve your dream of owning a home. Don’t let financial barriers hold you back from homeownership – contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get started on the path to owning your own home in a rural area.






Home Sweet Home

Is your insurance policy not covering the full cost of repair to your home due to wind, fire, or water damage? Or are you looking for financial assistance for non-damage-related repairs? Let us help you rehabilitate your living space with our Home Sweet Home Program. This initiative offers financing of up to $50,000 for home improvements, empowering you to renovate your home. Whether you need a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, our program provides the financial support you need to make it happen. Say hello again to your Home Sweet Home.







Artists’ Village

Discover the innovative spirit of Lexington at the Artists’ Village, proudly supported by Community Ventures. Established in 2019 by Art Inc., this pioneering residential development is specially designed for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Nestled in Lexington’s historic and vibrant East End, the Artists’ Village offers a unique blend of live/work spaces, allowing residents to own their home and studio in one dynamic setting. The community layout includes multiple floor plans that open onto a lush, communal green space, setting the stage for weekend art fairs, live performances, and musical events, fostering a thriving cultural hub. Dive into the creative pulse of Lexington and learn more about the Artists’ Village at Join us in redefining community living and fostering artistic endeavors in the heart of Kentucky.