Impact Story: Community Ventures Helps Disabled Graves County Homeowner Recover From Tornado Damage

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MAYFIELD, KY. (June 28, 2023) – Kentuckians across the Commonwealth still remember waking up in December 2021 to the news that tornados and severe storms had hammered Western Kentucky, taking far too many lives and destroying residences, businesses, and other structures.


In the wake of this devastation, Community Ventures leaped to help their neighbors in need. The Kentucky non-profit, committed to community development, hired a Mayfield-based disaster recovery specialist, Tammy Nesler. Since then, Community Ventures has provided home and business owners in Western Kentucky, like Jarvis Jones, with easy access to resources and funding to aid them as they recover and rebuild.


Like so many others, Mayfield resident Jarvis Jones’ home suffered severe damage. During the storms, a downed tree struck his roof allowing rain to flood the home and buckle his floors, making it impossible for Jones to navigate his house in a wheelchair. Under normal circumstances, homeowners’ insurance would have helped to cover the cost of repairs. However, unbeknownst to Jones, who was buying the home on a land contract, the insurance premium included in his payment was not making it to the insurance company. With no money to make the needed repairs, Jones turned to Community Ventures for help.


Community Ventures’ Disaster Recovery Specialist Tammy Nesler connected Mr. Jones with the Mayfield-Graves Long-term Recovery Group, which is part of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, to replace his roof and helped him secure a loan to cover the cost of a new floor, making his home accessible again.


“Helping homeowners like Mr. Jones recover from an unexpected disaster is what I’m here to do,” said Disaster Recovery Specialist Tammy Nesler. “Mr. Jones has been through a lot, and we wanted to make connecting him with the resources he needed as painless as possible. He has been a joy to work with.”


Mr. Jones feels the same way about the assistance he received from Community Ventures. “They are good people all around,” said Mr. Jones “I am so thankful and blessed to have the help Mrs. Nesler and Community Ventures have given me.”


Kentuckians in Western Kentucky who need assistance recovering from the tornados and severe storms can email Tammy Nesler at to learn more about financing options available through Community Ventures’ Home Sweet Home program. Kentuckians in Central Kentucky can email Barb Harper at for assistance.


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