Local Trucking Company Back on the Road After Near-Fatal Accident

Henry Ballenger professionally drove trucks for more than 10 years before he was able to own his own truck and start his business, Milaylay Trucking. In 2011, Mr. Ballenger was having his best year yet  when everything came to a crashing halt, literally. A nearly fatal accident put Mr. Ballenger in the hospital and totaled his truck. He was found to be not at fault but by the insurance company, but his business was all but lost.
The Ballenger family came to Community Ventures in late 2011 looking for someone to help them get Milaylay Trucking back on the road. They studied business planning, developed a solid marketing plan, and were able to secure financing to reopen their business. 

Moving forward to 2014, the Ballengers have recently signed a contract on their first home and are looking to adding two drivers in 2015. 

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