MobileServe Allows Young People to Share Their Stories

Volunteer work is always a story worth telling and MobileServe has a fundamental belief in this idea.

A couple of summers ago, MobileServe founders Ben Reno-Weber and Christopher Head were leading a service program of more than 30 high school students from across the state of Kentucky.

In order to participate in the program, each student was required to complete and record 50 hours of community service, “but even with the incentive of a cool trip ahead of them, getting those high school students to log onto their computers and record their hours was like pulling teeth,” Ben recalls in a blog post on MobileServe’s website.

Ben and Chris realized the importance of sharing these students’ volunteer experiences in a meaningful and memorable way, so they set out to eliminate traditional, more time-consuming ways of logging data (like pen and paper or multi-celled spreadsheets) with “an app for that” in mind.

MobileServe is a pay-as-you-go service that uses mobile technology to share stories of volunteerism throughout your network, using both pictures and data.

Founders Ben and Chris utilized Community Ventures for working capital to expand their great idea from a startup into a functioning application with a wide capacity and solid foundation, and they received all the necessary counseling to ensure their success.

With a young audience in mind, MobileServe gathered research to grow their service into what it is today: a mobile and web based volunteer tracking and reporting platform that allows individuals and
organizations to serve, share, and inspire through impactful storytelling and social media.

A special thanks to our partners at the U.S. Small Business Administration for funding Ben and Chris’s idea and enabling young people around the world to share their impactful stories of community service and volunteerism.

MobileServe is based in Louisville, Kentucky. You can visit them on the web and get started on building your profile today.

Image from MobileServe/Ben Reno-Weber on their blog at

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