mPact Pro Client Management System Helps New York Housing Agency Shift Its Focus To Helping Clients

Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica, Inc., (NHSJ) is a 47 year old non-profit organization committed to preserving, protecting, and revitalizing neighborhoods, through increasing homeownership, community development and investment in southern Queens.   NHSJ is a holistic agency that works with first-time homebuyers, homeowners needing post-purchase support, and individuals looking to prevent foreclosure.   NHSJ is also a HUD agency, which requires them to have a client management system which allows them to collect data on each of their clients.

NHSJ implemented the first version of mPact Pro but now operates the second version since it rolled out this past year.   Cynthia Thompson, Data and Office Manager for Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica, works with mPact Pro to ensure smooth implementation for her organization.  “As the administrator who has to pull this database together, it is making my job so much easier.  Once my counselors are well-versed in it, it should be easy enough that I can pass this on to someone else.   They’ll be able to use this system with their eyes closed.  Our counselors say that they like it.”

For this agency, reporting has been one of the key aspects of mPact Pro.   Because of the variety of services they offer, NHSJ needs a CMS that can run reports with accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information on each of their various products and services.  For Thompson, mPact Pro has checked this very important box.  “We have a lot of people we appeal to.  Everyone is asking for different information. With mPact Pro, the information is consistently there, and is capturing everything, so we’re able to pull out what we need to make a report – whether we’re reporting to funders, to local elected officials, or anyone else.   If we can press a button and run a report, then that’s ideal.”

Beyond the reporting, Thompson and her counselors have thus far been satisfied with the versatility of the mPact Pro client management system. “Everyone in the company can have access to whatever data they need.   We have so many different ways that we use the information, and mPact Pro gives us the flexibility to use that data however we need,” says Thompson.

For NHSJ, the process of onboarding mPact Pro would require training along with ongoing support for counselors who have questions about the system’s features.   Thompson shares that the mPact Pro team has exceeded her expectations as a support operation.   “I love them! I love them!  I work with Shane, Andrew and a couple of others.  They’re great to work with.  They always respond right away – they communicate and let me know their progress.  This is the first time I’ve gotten that kind of response from a company that has helped us.  The training is not always going to be smooth for everyone.  We have a couple of people in our organization who learn differently and need more hands-on training.   Sometimes I’ll ask Shane to do a class on a particular area, and he’s done whatever I needed him to do.  They’ve been very helpful.” 

mPact Pro was created for agencies like NHSJ, and we are pleased to be able to support partner agencies so that they can focus their efforts where it’s needed most – serving clients.  With mPact Pro saving them on time and manpower needed to collect and manipulate data and run reports,  her team can finally focus on promoting homeownership.  “We’ve always got new programs we’re doing, new funding opportunities we’re pursuing, and we no longer have to spend valuable time collecting data for those opportunities.”

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