Pennie Family Purchases Newly Remodeled, Energy Star Home

Georgetown, KY – Last year, Michael and Latasha Pennie lived in a small, 2-bedroom apartment with their 3 children. Like many Americans, the Pennie family dreamed of owning a home, but were overwhelmed and intimidated by the home buying process.

Many Americans were directly impacted by the housing bust in 2008 and are still struggling to get by. However, for many, owning a home is still a vital part of the American Dream. Nonprofit housing organizations are helping keep this dream alive by offering affordable, high quality homeownership options.

The Pennie family met with Community Ventures, a local nonprofit dedicated to helping Kentuckians achieve their dream of homeownership. Housing specialists worked with Michael and Latasha to help them purchase, repair, and affordably finance a 4-bedroom home in Georgetown, Kentucky.

From homebuyer education, to shopping for the perfect home, all the way to finding a mortgage that fit their needs, the Pennie family was assisted throughout the home buying process. Michael and Latasha took homebuyer education courses and homeownership counseling to help them make the best decisions for their family’s future.

Describing his experience, Michael Pennie states, “Through the online homeownership courses, we learned a ton of useful information about predatory lending, keeping your home, and house maintenance tips. Further into the process, we chose a house and had a ton of choices of flooring designs, roofing, and paint. We basically have a brand new home!”

For the Pennie family’s home, Community Ventures made numerous upgrades and repairs, including a new roof, a new HVAC system, Energy Star windows, Energy Star appliances, new carpeting, newly painted walls, and repaired drywall and ceiling damage.

The home was made as green as possible with the addition of energy efficient appliances, insulation, doors, and windows. “The utility bills for a house this size still amaze me,” states Michael.

In partnership with NeighborWorks America, USDA Rural Development, the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE), and the Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), Community Ventures was able to assist the Pennie family achieve their dream of homeownership. The home was inspected to meet guidelines set by KHC, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and USDA Rural Development.