Comprehensive Community & Economic Development

Community Ventures is on a mission to create thriving communities across the Commonwealth, and part of this work is taking place in a town nestled in Bourbon County – Millersburg. This once vibrant town, fueled by the Millersburg Military Institute (MMI) and Joy Global, and its residents experienced economic hardship when these commerce engines shuttered their doors in 2006 and 2013 respectively.  Residents lost jobs and the city’s tax revenues dwindled. For ten years, the city’s historic homes and businesses fell into disrepair, cascading toward demolition. 

In 2016, Community Ventures began revitalizing Millersburg by purchasing the former MMI and transforming it into a bustling campus of three immaculately restored historic buildings that house a school, wedding and event venue, and a business incubator. The campus, now known as Mustard Seed Hill, draws over 100,000 people to the city annually primarily through an annual holiday event called Christmas at Mustard Seed Hill. This inaugural project in Millersburg poured life back into the charming city. 

Map of Millersburg Revitalization

View restored or in-process commercial and residential properties transformed by Community Ventures on the map below.

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Historic Commercial



After establishing a thriving economic engine for Millersburg in Mustard Seed Hill, Community Ventures turned to creating overnight accommodations to allow out-of-town guests to extend their stay in Millersburg. Community Ventures accomplished this goal by transforming part of the MMI campus into stunning overnight accommodations and repurposing decaying homes into beautiful historic respites that can be booked through online reservation platforms like Air B&B. 

Over the last four years, these restoration initiatives have contributed nearly $50,000 to the Millersburg tax base, and the next phase of Community Ventures revitalization efforts will offer the city additional revenue streams.


Currently, Community Ventures efforts to pump life back into Millersburg focus on creating the commercial infrastructure necessary to attract businesses to the city. Without commercial buildings, Millersburg lacks the ability to attract businesses to the area, which restricts the city from achieving its goal of economic growth, hinders residents from finding jobs locally, and prevents visitors from shopping and spending money in Millersburg.

In July 2023, Community Ventures announced the $4.5 million Jan Wagoner Millersburg Revitalization Fund, which is dedicated to attracting businesses to Millersburg by revitalizing nine commercial and residential historic properties in and near downtown. 

Once complete, these properties can house businesses where tourists and residents can shop.

Community Ventures has invested in 37 properties in Millersburg, 29 housing, 5 historic housing, and 4 commercial.