Elizabeth Rodriguez

Certified Bilingual Housing Specialist

Community Ventures mission statement is the reason she chose to work for this company. As a Bilingual Housing Development Specialist, Elizabeth will have the opportunity to teach clients how to reduce their debt, improve their credit score, provide homeownership counseling, assist with financial packages, analyze data to determine financial solutions so they can achieve their American Dream of being a home and/or business owner. Her desire is to educate and provide resources to help individuals gain knowledge to reach future goals. As a Bilingual Specialist, she has the opportunity to translate to communities that have language barriers so they can be a part of the American Dream. Before CV, Elizabeth worked as an LPN. What she loves about being a nurse is being a part of a patient’s difficult times and being a witness to their transformation during the healing process. 

In her free time, she loves to decorate, clean, cook, and go on travel adventures with her family.