Justin Helvey

Director, Information Technology

Since his college years, Justin has climbed the IT ladder. From humble beginnings at a small computer company in Maysville, KY to server administrator at one of the largest DirecTV installers in the country, to managing the daily IT services here at CV, Justin has done it all! Before CV, Justin worked for the largest installer of DirecTV as IT support for a call center, corporate office, and warehouses, eventually becoming the overnight server and network administrator. In that role, he kept servers up and running doing their updates and software pushes for the end-users while everyone was asleep.

Justin came to Community Ventures, seeing a place where he could use his previous experience to help the organization meet its IT needs. Justin spends much of his free time volunteering with the Russell Theatre in Maysville, KY and with the Mason County High School Band(s). He also enjoys spending time with his dogs and getting out into nature.