Shawn Burns

Relationship Manager, mPact Pro

Shawn has 20 years of experience working extensively in sales, procurement and operations. His roles have included assisting with the phenomenal growth of Crank and Boom Ice Cream as Director of Sales & Operations, Director of Operations with Aramark Sports & Entertainment, Owner of Techworks – scanning software/consulting company and as the Director of IT/Marketing for a large KY law firm.

His multitude of roles in both product and service industry driven businesses provides valuable insight into the diverse challenges and opportunities for scaling organizations in the Kentucky marketplace. 

At Community Ventures, Shawn’s focus is creating revenue opportunities and scaling social entrepreneurship businesses within the organization.

His passion for economically viable, inclusive communities aligns well with the mission of Community Ventures. He believes all members of our communities should have lives enriched with access to education, employment, physical and spiritual wellness.

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