Tom Murro

President of Chef Space

Tom graduated from the University of Louisville School of Public Health while also working and managing restaurants, catering/bar event companies, along with retail management. Prior to joining the Chef Space team, Tom worked at the Louisville Metro Health department, doing regulatory work with the environmental department including food inspections. 

Tom came to know the members and administration team of Chef Space while conducting work for Louisville Metro and was always interested and excited about the work and opportunities available to the community through Chef Space. Tom’s role as President of Chef Space allows him to utilize his hodgepodge of professional experience in a kitchen setting where he feels most comfortable.

In his free time, Tom enjoys staying active with basketball and martial arts as well as lifting weights. He enjoys spending time with his son, Riley, and being outdoors, spending lots of time at the Parklands when the weather is nice. He also enjoys cooking and finding great spots to eat.

Chef Space Leadership