The Devil Is In The Details

“I am operating today under the name Auto Shadez as well as the original Elaborate Detail,” laughed owner Chris Williams, “because A before E in the search engines, right?”

It is simple things like that that the 52-year-old first time business owner has learned along the way. Before coming to Community Ventures, Williams confessed that he learned many lessons about the right way and the wrong way in business “the hard way.” Williams credits Community Ventures with much more than the loans he has acquired through the microlending department, although he is exceedingly grateful for those, too.  Thanks to a series of SBA microloans, WIlliams has been able to secure much-needed capital for his business while building credit along the way.

“No one would give me a chance with my credit. One day I was detailing a car and heard a commercial for Community Ventures. I needed a chance. Ms. (Pam) Russell gave me one.” Williams remembers. “But it was way more than money that she gave me. She was a mentor and an inspiration. She helped me with any business questions I had and taught me about money and predatory lenders so I steered clear when they called.”

When Williams began his business in Campbellsville, KY back in 2012, it all started as a hobby because he enjoyed detailing his own vehicles to keep them looking brand new. And the magic happened, at that point in time, in his driveway. In 2014, he moved the operation to Lebanon.

“My father actually got me interested in having my own business because I helped him detail cars when I was young. He did detailing on the side, because he liked it, and so do I. But we do a lot more than that—we do commercial tinting for vehicles and buildings, pressure washing and body work. Really automotive anything and commercial deep cleaning.”

What’s next for Auto Shadez? With $25k saved and further assistance from CV, Williams is on-track to purchase his own building, since he notes it doesn’t really make sense to rent and pour money into renovations on someone else’s property.

Pride in what Williams has built is evident: “You have a lot invested in your vehicle and you have it detailed to preserve that investment. No matter what kind it is…expensive or not…they are all treated the same by us.”
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