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WKY Rental Units Available

Rental units for those Western Kentucky residents displaced by tornados, storms.

Kentucky Housing Corporation has compiled a list of available housing units for those displaced by the December tornado and storms in Western Kentucky. Individuals and agencies can share information about available units, update their listing or search for available units on KHC’s website.

Have an available unit?

Fill out the online form describing your unit, and KHC will include it in our online listing. If you have already listed units in our database and need to add more vacancies or update your posting, click the link below and choose “update” on the first question.

Click Here To Share, Update Your Listing of Available Rental Units

Visit the KHC Website to learn more about the available units in Western KY.

Need a rental unit?

– Search available properties using our interactive map or the mobile table version

– To print the full list of available units, click here.

Click Here to Search Available Units